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you think your computer has a virus to find out it's not. what this trick is all about. now to japan, the nuclear facility has been leaking tons of radioactive water, plutonium has been found in the soil, contamination continued to spread in the ocean but tonight in our state we're focused on the first sign of radioactivity here. state leaders said there were small trace amounts but doesn't pose a health risk to us. jeff hager sought out an answer to that question today. jeff? >> reporter: high atop baltimore's federal hill, 6,800 miles from japan radioactive material may already be present. >> i would be worried in california, not too worried here. >> after three mile island at age 7, that was scarier. >> reporter: maryland hill's secretary dr. joshua sharpteen said marylanders had little to worry about even though radioactivity from tokyo's nuclear facilities is already here. >> we did detect very small
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amounts of radioactive materials in the air. very, very small amounts. in the rainwater. which is not unexpected. other states have seen it as well. >> reporter: the state has turned up no further evidence of the fallout. any radioactivity found here came through the atmosphere, through clouds and storm systems and even the earth's rotation may have taken us right through it. as for the chesapeake bay, dr. sharpteen says it's highly unlikely any contamination would make its way here through currents. >> it's breaking down over time. for every eight days the movement happens, this radioactive iodine - >> reporter: the level is characterized as less than an x-ray but even cat scans and dental x-rays require patients to wear a protective vest. >> people ask how it compares
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to an x-ray. way less than an x-ray. it's not like an x-ray at all. this is less radiation than, you know, a long shot to get it from just walking around. >> reporter: jeff hager, abc2 news. >> trace amounts of radioactive material turned up in massachusetts and pennsylvania. the doctor says people should refrain from taking doses of potassium iodide since it's not necessary and could potentially cause harmful side effects. on the campus of umbc the asian studies program wanted to get the word out today for the events that start tomorrow. the japanese culture club will be offering origami rose key chains for donations. they canning put on cell phones, also keys. friday, help japan arcade day. for a donation, play a timed round of wii or x box 360 games. on april 6th, a moment of silence on the commons, will be at noon.
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they want to make it a mission for us to not forget about those suffering in japan. crime on the decline in baltimore county. today county leaders touted the number -- numbers that show a five-year downward trend. since 2005 homicides cut in half. the police department credits its gang enforcement unit, coordinators and workplace violence team. >> we live and work, the community and government works together. business and community associations, to make our county the very best place to live, work and play. >> the state's attorney's office made a major dent on focusing on witness protection programs, dna evidence and tougher sentencing. a lot of us like to splurge on pay day, maybe go to dinner, buy something expensive? more than a dozen city employees are accused of doing that but it's the way they were doing it that has them in trouble with the law tonight.
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has public officials looking to repair the damage. kelly swoope now joins us live with more. >> reporter: the problem is the workers were apparently having what is described as parties while on the clock. some officials got wind of what was going on in the 3200 block and called investigators to check things out. the investigators went undercover. long before they called in police they say they found employees drinking alcohol. and investigators say they have no choice but to charge them. they have all been charged with misdemeanors but a police spokesman says there's a problem for the public trust. >> it's not a serious charge like gambling but people trust city employees to work for them. especially when they are getting paid with taxpayer funds. it's a violation of that trust. >> the department of transportation released a statement that reads in part --
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any activity that undermines the integrity of the department of transportation will not be tolerated. onee of the officers is charged with assault as well as gambling. the other workers charged with gambling. an update now on the investigation into the baltimore county police unit president, sergeant weston. brian kuebler brought you this story friday. he's accused of an altercation at an apartment complex in parkville. a driver says the officer was drunk and threatened him with a gun. the state's attorney's office is going to look at this case. for now he's still on the job. if charges are filed he will likely be suspended. we'lling following the case and let you know what happens. three months ago today a 16-year-old girl disappeared. phylicia barnes was last seen in baltimore while visiting family. on the anniversary of her mysterious disappearance police say they continue to run into dead ends. they say tips are dwindling and
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really need your help. officers are still out there searching ├▒jrand say they canno say for sure if she is dead or alive, but they fear the worst. anyone with information is asked to call 855-223-0033. clear day of weather out there. especially after that morning cloud cover burned off. certainly a chillier than average day too. we struggled to get out of the mid-40s today. five sweeps all clear tonight. we have a few snow showers earlier today across northern and central virginia. now skies clearing nicely and temperature-wise, still chilly. down in the 40s now. we're on our way to the 20s overnight. we bounce back tomorrow, close to 50 or so. but i'm telling you that the days that come after tomorrow look a lot uglier than this. we'll break this down coming up. a final farewell for a fallen marine today. staff sergeant james wakowsky was killed in afghanistan, just
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125 years old. this american hero served four deployments to iraq and afghanistan. 25 years old. he followed in his mom's footsteps, was proud to serve. now his parents, wife, children and sister are left with pictures to honor his memory. he was laid to rest today at bartholomew catholic church in westminster. he will be buried at arlington national cemetery with full honors on april 7th. a few wars before, the civil war, the north against the south. on both sides men and women died fighting for what they believed was right. years later a local man found a grave mistake. his great grandfather. abc2 news brian kuebler has been following the journey to rewrite this civil war wrong -- re-right this civil war wrong. >> reporter: it was a mistake made nearly 100 years ago. a mistake whether accidental or purposeful, a union soldier on the wrong side of history. james d. alexander was a union soldier, fought in the civil
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war's most epic battles, gettysburg and lost a leg in the battle of spots veina courthouse. he was buried in the early 1920s as a confederate. it went unnoticed for a century before his great grandson was able to piece it together. >> i'm glad they are letting us get this right. we never really knew for sure. >> reporter: tonight at 11:00, the incredibly interesting story and show you how the union soldier's great grandson has rewritten history in stone. brian kuebler, abc2 news. >> watch this at 11:00. lawmakers in the senate are discussing proposed cuts and new fees in our state. it's all in an effort to come up with a new budget for our state. some of the fees are going to hit us in the dmv.
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get ready to pay extra for new tags. and a proposal could have hospitals charging us more. we'll follow the debate and bring you updates as we get them. people in carroll county, seeing a shortage in their tap water. workers are flushing hydrants, and you may lose a little pressure, notice your water getting a little cloudy. if it happens turn off the water for a few minutes and then it should be clear. try not to use your large appliances if crews are right in your area. your child is being asked about something at the doctor. why pediatricians are now becoming interested in how much time your child spends on-line.
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and con artists are trying to steal information. in tonight's "scam alert." >> i'm wyett everhart. 58 degrees, that's normal this time of year. today more than 10 degrees below average. 48 is the 2-degree guarantee so we have a winner. lisa from edgewater, you get a abc2 storm umbrella. give us your name at we'll be right back.
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27 years ago, we cannot believe it, he picks up the phone, calls indianapolis and tells them we're moving out there. at midnight tonight, in the
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snow, 27 years ago the mayflower man started showing up, packing up the baltimore colts and moving them to the midwest. we couldn't get football here again until 12 years later. the super bowl is next year. guess where? indianapolis. we'll have more on the anniversary tonight on abc2 news at 11:00. this is our life now, isn't it? the keyboard? so much of our lives is now on the personal computer, we use it to keep in touch, manage our finances, so the threat of a virus -- joce sterman explains to us in this week's "scam alert," scammers are using a new tactic into making you think your computer is sick. >> reporter: it's one of the easiest ways scammers get access to your information. but this time scare tactics about viruses on your computer aren't coming from e-mail or pop-ups. >> it's a new strategy. they keep us hopping. >> reporter: they are jumping to the phone lines to lure you into believing your computer
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has been infected. according to the internet crime complaint center scammers supposedly with internet access have been calling people claiming to work for a major on-line company. they say you have a virus on your computer and you are spreading it. then direct you to a web site so they can take control of your computer remotely to fix it. >> they are actually entering into everything in your private computer which means if you have personal identifying information they are accessing your bank account, passwords and getting information from your computer. >> reporter: it's happening while you watch helplessly, with scammers potentially copying your personal files. >> it does feel like somebody is invading your space, going through your drawers and house, it's the same thing. >> reporter: you stand to lose something a lot more valuable. never click on links you don't research on your own or know already. most companies won't make unsolicited calls to help you with your computer. if someone does it's likely just a scammer dialing in on a new way to steal your stuff. joce sterman, abc2 news.
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>> one good way to protect yourself from a scam like this, make sure your computer has the latest anti-virus software. so if someone calls you know your pc is already under control. just about everyone knows about social networking sites like facebook and twitter. now doctors are being told to include questions about these sites while talking to your children. the new addition of the journal pediatrics suggests that doctors of young patients need to start asking if they are on facebook. and reports there are health-relate issues when it comes to social networking. that they can succumb to peer pressure, and problems like sexting. and the report claims that social networking can help children's communication skills a little better, on the other side. what do you think? should it be appropriate for
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social networking sites? facebook users must be at least 13 years old? is it too young? too old. sound off by going to facebook now at now there's a confirmed case of another troublesome bug coming. the u.s. department of agriculture confirms a beetle has been found in baltimore. what? what is this? it's an asian beetle that arrives in a container of crafts from china earlier this month. experts warn these beetles can cause serious problems. they have an appetite for wood. that's just great. >> interesting. not so welcome a visitor. 47 degrees at the airport.
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running colder than average as we have been now for more than a week. the first day or two of spring was actually seasonable. after that, colder than average. humidity dry, 18% winds are northwest at 12. i got a few pictures to show you from my visits from appletonned a ventist academy in columbia. i spoke to fifth graders there. they showed me some spirit. they did here. waving hi to everybody at home. a great time out out there at appleton adventist academy today. on the weather front, sunshine and clouds. a decent day but cooler than average even with the sunshine. laurel, i mean, a good-looking day but again that chill just holding tough throughout the day. dry tomorrow. we find nothing on maryland's most powerful doppler radar. winds light from the north, just enough of a breeze to put
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that extra chill out there. currently temperatures in the mid and upper 40s, cooling down rapidly through the 30s and 20s tonight. highs again struggling, you can't find 50 on the map in maryland. you have to go to culpeper. i think tomorrow we'll get into the 50s, low 50s. it will still be below average but we'll warm up maybe five degrees or so, more sunshine throughout the day with a few more clouds in the afternoon toward essex. over on the eastern shore things may warm up a little more. we'll go with 53 or so in preston but bay water temperatures still in the mid to upper 40s. it's a chilly breeze off the chesapeake bay. satellite and radar trend, we had snow earlier in central and northern virginia. talking about snow, south of maryland, in late march. really unusual. we hope as we get toward the first day of april friday that begins to change. maybe we just need to click the month on the calendar. right now clear skies over the east coast. we're in a quiet spell for 24 to 36 hours.
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canadian high pressure means sunshine again tomorrow but a cold air mass. even with widespread sun and higher sun angle we get this time of year it's still going to be a colder than average day. one of several disturbances continuing to pass south of us. i think the next disturbance which comes in late tuesday into wednesday, you see tomorrow we stay clear but as we go into wednesday and especially wednesday night, that is where we see our next chance for precipitation. we're now looking like a cold rain around baltimore but there will be flakes and winter mix we think in western maryland from wednesday into thursday. probably messy so travels west on i-70, especially into early morning hours of thursday morning, could be dicey. keep an eye on that. 26 tonight, partly cloudy, nice and clear but just very cold. 20s in a few spots in western maryland. teens tonight. 52 tomorrow. an improvement but still a colder than average day. tomorrow night we drop to 30 or so. clouds on the increase. still be on the chilly side though. your 7-day forecast, again, looking ahead here, finding that chance for a wintry mix mainly in western maryland.
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overnight wednesday into early thursday, and perhaps again early friday morning. temperatures warm up into the 50s toward the weekend. then as we go toward the orioles opener monday the possibility of 60. we're hoping and pulling for the fact we'll warm up in time for that. i know jamie likes that. >> don't touch a thing. leave it alone, all right? one of the benefits of finding news on-line is for most places it's free. no longer the case now for "the new york times." the new site is now charging its on-line customers subscriptions. the price is going to be based on how much access the person wants. it will run between $15 and $35 for four weeks. that brings us to this. while "the new york times," they want money, to watch and see all the news. we have found on our apps here, five sites that give it to you for free. let's go to it now. you have cnn there at the
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touch. on your i-pad. you have a.p. with all the headlines of the day going on now. you have of course abc news, all free there at your fingertips. and the usa today all free. "new york times," how about that? that is competition. there we are there for your local news at again, we have some money-saving tips on apps. send it to us now at or hit us up on facebook. free news right here at your disposal. this is free. a free shot here.
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we will eventually warm up. it's just going to be a few days in april before that happens. tomorrow, a sunnier day, a little milder, 52 but still below average. one more shout out to the fifth graders at appleton adventist academy. they know how to ham it up for the camera. >> very nice. >> thank you for joining us. i'm jamie costello. wyett everhart will be back at 11:00. next up, world news. >├▒
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